Providing Value-Added Risk Management Solutions

At KLM Consulting we are more than an insurance advisor - we are your partner who constantly focuses on the risks your business faces by providing you with the appropriate risk management solution which manages your risk.  With a primary focus on compliance, we match you with the appropriate partner to insure you and your business have the right solution in place.  

KLM Consulting's value proposition:

Trusted Advisor
A Trusted Advisor is with you for the long term.  We are problem solvers and not afraid to recommend ideas.  We are accountable and accessible.  We bring you the required resources to solve problems.

Claims Advocate
Many insurance agents are not available when you need them the most - at the time of a loss. An active claims advocate represents you in every step of the claim, from submission, interaction with the insurance carrier, and ultimately the claims solution.  Not satisfied with the resolution, we will work on your behalf to ensure that you are satisfied with the solution.

B-2-B Networker
At KLM Consultant we can help you grow your brand and refer business to you. How do we do this?

  • Expanding your offering
    We can look at your current offering, analyze the market, and recommend further opportunities that compliments your business.
  • Utilize strategic partnerships
    Helping identify businesses and influencers you may want to connect with and do business with.

KLM Consulting is more than an insurance advisor, more than a risk manager, we are your partner helping you manage the threats to your business by building comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions.