Better To Be Proactive Than Reactive When It Comes To Claims

What has your insurance broker done for you lately? Risk Management is an extension of a seasoned insurance broker’s service offering. KLM knows this by not just providing insurance, but well designed, established, and necessary risk management solutions such as:

  • Full service certificate of insurance management (tracking “and” compliance)
  • Compliance management of other items such as agreements, licenses, industry certifications, bonds and more
  • EH&S/OSHA Compliance Solutions ensuring OSHA, EPA and/or DOT compliance is met
  • America’s Premier Worker’s Compensation Cost Control System and audit dispute
  • Choice Environmental Risk Transfer & Pollution Liability Solutions

No one likes thinking about insurance and what could go wrong, but understanding your potential risk and taking steps to minimize the likelihood of things going wrong, a concept known as loss control, is paramount.

Until you identify risks, you can’t make good decisions about managing them. We’re here to walk you through that process

Answers To Your Top Questions

Whether your organization is large or small, publicly or privately held, you can customize a program that is flexible enough to validate and monitor your contractual insurance coverage requirements vs. the provided certificate of insurance for both tracking “and” compliance.

By hiring an experienced and established Workers Compensation Insurance Cost Control System provider. We work with one that has historically reduced open workers compensation insurance claim reserves by 30% and lowered EMR’s by at least 27 points!

This not only decreases your insurance premiums but also helps your company to compete in the marketplace by having a competitive EMR factor. Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

Over 90% of companies rely on what is automatically included under the commercial general liability insurance section of their insurance program, but that is not enough. An experienced consultant can make sure you are properly covered before, not after, a claim is filed.

Throughout history, insurance brokers have improved fire protection, worker protection, and the general public safety by promoting best management practices for enterprises. All Enterprises pose a risk to the environment and 95% of them are unprepared and uninsured for it. The National Response Center receives over 24,000 spill reports each year. Over $17 billion is spent on environmental clean-up in the United States.

Large enterprises can withstand such loss, but most cannot and the environment never should. Insurance brokers have played an important role in reducing the risk of their clients and the public at large in doing so by reducing property and casualty risk. Environmental loss, however, has traditionally been Insurance Brokers weak spot.

Unless you have had your Insurance Broker provide you with pollution legal liability insurance on your business, you are likely uninsured for environmental loss. This is bad for the environment and can compromise your reputation and financial security.

This is where an established and experienced Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) service firm comes into play. They ensure the client has an effective loss prevention and EH&S compliance program that offers a full array of occupational safety, health, environmental, industrial hygiene, and fleet safety services.

They can also work with you to evaluate, improve and maintain effective incident prevention and EH&S management programs in place that will ensure that your workers compensation insurance experience modification rate (EMR) is controlled and you can maintain compliance with OSHA, DOT and union agreements.

They also take it one step further and prepare clients for ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, the benchmark EHS standards that show your company goes above and beyond to do their part for their employees and the environment.

KLM works with you either directly or in connection with our strategic partners to provide customized compliance solutions to ensure your business has certain neccessary risk management compliance solutions in place.

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